All rented gear is the property of Reel Pensacola, LLC (RP LLC). No exchange between Customer (Renter) and RP LLC, either express or implied, should be considered a sales transaction. All gear is rented for the duration of the contract period and must be returned on or before the expiry of this period.

Renter agrees to rinse off the gear with fresh water every day (or night) after use. Rods, reels, coolers and tackle boxes must be rinsed daily in order to remain in good working order. Renter accepts that it is their responsibility to ensure all gear is rinsed with fresh water daily during the rental period.

If the gear is not rinsed, a $50 cleaning charge (per set up) will apply.

A fishing license is required for most people who fish in Florida, whether or not they are Florida residents. There are some age related exceptions; please be sure to check the Florida State website at as well as the FAQs and the home page where we have linked to the Florida State licensing website and have also provided a short “how to” video that demonstrates the process for acquiring a license from the website. Though licenses are required by the state of Florida, the choice to obtain a license or not is up to the Renter(s). The Fish & Game wardens regularly issue citations to those caught fishing without a license; Renter acknowledges that the onus of responsibility for obtaining a license lies solely with Renter(s). RP LLC is not responsible for any fines, penalties or citations incurred by Renter(s) due to Renter(s) not having an appropriate fishing license. In extreme cases, Fish & Game Wardens have been known to confiscate fishing gear from those fishing illegally without a license. In such circumstances, Renter will be liable for the full replacement cost of confiscated gear.

RP LLC reserves the right to charge Renter’s credit card the full replacement cost amount for any gear not returned or returned in a damaged condition, in the following amounts:

  • $90 per rod
  • $90 per reel
  • $100 per cooler
  • $25 per tackle box
  • $25 per multi-tool (or scissors)
  • $40 per sand spike

Renter agrees to meet the RP LLC representative at the time and place agreed to in order to receive the gear and again upon conclusion of the rental period in order to return the gear. RP LLC will provide a cell phone number for our pickup and drop off representative. It is the Renter’s responsibility to communicate with their RP LLC representative, should the agreed upon location or time of gear return change. Unless otherwise agreed to prior to the rental period, RP LLC will drop off the gear between 7-8 PM Central Time, the night before the rental period. Pick up time is also between 7-8 PM Central on the last day of the rental period. There is a 5 minute grace period, after which RP LLC will charge a waiting fee of $25 per 15 minute increment.

At time of drop off, the RP LLC representative will confirm with Renter that all gear is present and provided. Renter is required to e-sign a web form to acknowledge receipt of all gear in good condition and working order.

At time of pick up, the RP LLC representative will confirm with Renter that all gear is returned in good condition and working order.

Renter must present ID at time of drop off and ID must match the name on the credit card used to rent the gear. Senior & active duty military discounts are contingent on ID proof.

Should RP LLC be unable to collect any rented gear or if any gear is damaged AND RP LLC is unable to charge the Renter’s credit card for the above stated replacement costs, RP LLC will pursue legal remedies to recoup the value of the gear, as well as any associated court or other legal costs.

Renter agrees to indemnify RP LLC from all liability arising from the use of RP LLC’s gear.

All sections of this agreement are to be taken together as a joint agreement. However, each part of the agreement is separable and separately enforceable.

This agreement is governed by the State of Florida, and the County of Escambia. By continuing with the rental transaction, Renter implicitly agrees to all terms contained herein.